The Andean Mountain Cat

Scientific name: Leopardus jacobita (L. jacobita)

It is thought that fewer than 2500 of these cats still exist in the wild, classifying them as “Endangered”.  The Andean Mountain Cat is found in the Andes mountains (as one can probably gather from the name) in South America, and is one of only 2 dozen small wild cat species in the world.  Adults usually only grow to be about 12lbs and attain a length of 25 inches with a 48 inch tail!


Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) by joannehedger on Flickr.

A very endangered species of otter native to South America. Adult giant otters can reach lengths of up to 6 feet!

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Wild Giant River Otter (Endangered)

Hyacinth Macaw by Steve - 1.25 Million+ (safe) views - thank you on Flickr.

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Native to central and eastern South America, the Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), or Hyacinthine Macaw, is the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot species in the world, though the flightless Kakapo of New Zealand can outweigh it at up to 3.5 kg. In terms of length it is larger than any other species of parrot. While generally easily recognized, it can be confused with the far rarer Lear’s Macaw. Their popularity as pets has taken a heavy toll on their population in the wild.

The Hyacinth Macaw survives today in three main populations in South America: In the Pantanal region of Brazil, and adjacent eastern Bolivia and northeastern Paraguay, in the Cerrado region of the eastern interior of Brazil (Maranhão, Piauí, Bahia, Tocantins, Goiás, Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais), and in the relatively open areas associated with the Tocantins River, Xingu River, Tapajós River, and the Marajó island in the eastern Amazon Basin of Brazil. It is possible that smaller, fragmented populations occur in other areas. It prefers palm swamps, woodlands, and other semi-open wooded habitats. It usually avoids dense humid forest, and in regions dominated by such habitats, it is generally restricted to the edge or relatively open sections (e.g. along major rivers).